Balavision is a web-based, live video streaming channel whose mission is to promote democracy and freedom of expression among Iranian activists. The programs cover the concepts, institutions, history and practices that embody the notion of democracy. They offer guidance on how to maintain a healthy, civil, and productive dialogue; how to establish and refine a transparent decision making process; and in an age where digital media are key to information collection, communication and organization, how to ensure Internet security.  

    More than 100 broadcasts will air over two years in four main suites: (1) Guidelines, (2) Interviews, (3) Debates, and (4) Internet Security. Users have the opportunity to propose interviewees and vote on them ahead of time, and to pose questions to the presenters and their guests prior to and during the broadcasts. The programs may be downloaded for future viewing; transcripts and audio files will also be made available to make them as accessible as possible.